1. Thanks @ninamariephoenix 😋🔮

  2. #matamorphosisbook 🔮

  3. This is getting sent out to the States today to the cutest little dolphin fan 🐬🐚

  4. Turned 50 and got her first tattoo 💪 she made me some cute hand painted stones too 🙏 thank you 💟

  5. Ended today with this little guy 😋💟

  6. #commission 👐

  7. So good! follow him @kingsleyhayward @kingsleyhayward @kingsleyhayward 👈 #script #tattoo #talent #folllowhim

  8. Commissioned pieces are on a slight delay at the moment because RSI sucks. 😓⚫️ #wip

  9. by Vana Chanelle

    For Dan and Gemma’s wedding gift

  10. Professional body piercing by Dave Osborne at Electric Buddha, Ramsgate UK. IG: @dave_electricbuddha